Tuesday, February 15, 2022

A magical 8-ball that doesn't waste your time by giving non-committal answers

For when the party is by the parapet of a castle wall and a player asks if there is a haystack or tent or something to break the fall if their character jumps, so you have to adjudicate if something exists to break the fall (or other similar situations related to the existence of details you hadn't considered), but your magic 8-ball keeps telling you to "ask again later":

This post was inspired by a question that @RandomWizard asked on twitter.

Made using the List to HTML generator found here:
https://slightadjustments.blogspot.com/p/generator.html (Thanks Spwack!)

Here are all the possible answers:

1. Don't count on it.
2. My sources say no.
3. Not a chance!
4. No, but...
5. No! On the contrary...
6. As I see it, yes.
7. You may rely on it.
8. Outlook good!
9. Yes, obviously.
10. Yes, but...

1 comment:

  1. I got a d20 magic 8 ball as a trade show freebie years ago, and eventually cracked it open to use at the gaming table :D